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Shetland 6U

SHETLAND LEAGUE 6U™ is an instructional league to teach three, four, five and six-year-old players the fundamentals of baseball and softball by the simplest method possible - letting them play the game. If this purpose is kept paramount, SHETLAND 6U™ LEAGUE can be a valuable addition to the more formally organized leagues for older players. Emphasis must be on instruction, not on the league championship. 

SHETLAND 6U™ LEAGUE coaches are allowed on the field to offer instruction during the game. The rules require that players be given the opportunity to try different positions, and that all of them get to play in every game. 

Players in this age range have a short attention span in any single activity and games must move rapidly. Only the basic fundamentals of the game should be brought out. It is not uncommon for players of this age, initially, to be unfamiliar with which is first base, which is third base, and which field is left and which is right. Lack of knowledge indicates merely that the player has not yet been introduced to the game and has no relationship to the player's potential athletic ability. 

SHETLAND 6U™ LEAGUE was developed more than 40 years ago as a Tee-Ball League, using a batting tee instead of a pitcher. There is considerable medical opinion that players of this age who actually pitch may develop arm and/or shoulder injuries that may not be evident until several years later. In addition, pitchers of this age often have control problems, resulting in longer games which may become boring to the participants. 

SHETLAND 6U™ LEAGUE provides an excellent opportunity to teach basic catching, throwing, batting and fielding, and a love of the game of baseball without making the experience a course of intensified instruction. The best approach is to let the teams play with little thought to victory or defeat, but merely for the joy of participation while, at the same time, learning the fundamentals of teamwork, group discipline and sportsmanship.


BASES : 50 feet

PITCHING : Shetland Baseball : 38 feet

FAIR PLAY AREA : Within the first base and third base foul lines and a fence or marked line 150 feet from home plate. A ball hit beyond that distance on the fly will be a home run. A minimum home run distance of 125 feet or a maximum of 200 feet will be recognized, with the recommendation that the home run distance be 150 feet at the foul lines and 200 feet in center field to a six or eight foot barrier wherever possible.

BASES, PLATES : The home plate, pitcher's rubber and the bases shall be official size as used in regulation baseball.

PITCHING MOUND : Shall be raised by a gradual slope to a height of four inches above the level of home plate and the base paths.

RESTRAINING LINE : Located along first base, beginning 25 feet from home base and extending three feet beyond the first and second base line. The line, paralleling the first base foul line and extending three feet (36 inches) into foul territory, shall be marked with chalk or other white material two inches wide.

DISTANCE TO BACKSTOP : Recommended distance from home plate to the backstop is 20 feet.

CATCHER'S BOX : By local option, the catcher's box may be rectangular in shape 43 inches wide and eight feet deep from the point of home plate or it may be triangular in shape extending eight feet from the rear of home plate, being a continuation of the foul lines, in which case the line closet to the backstop shall be 16 feet in length.



BASES : 55 feet
PITCHING : 35 feet
RECOMMENDED FENCES : 150 feet to 175 feet



BASES : 50 feet
PITCHING : 40 feet
RECOMMENDED FENCES : 150 feet to 175 feet


6U Interlock Rules (Voted 03.06.22)

  • Game time is 1:15, no new inning after 1:05
  • USA Stamped bats must be used - can use for tee ball use bats or other USA bat
  • Run rule is 6 runs per inning
  • Pitchers must be in contact with pitching rubber and throw a mock pitch before the batter can hit the ball.
  • Pitchers can not run down a player at 1st base, the pitcher must attempt a throw to first base unless they are in arm's reach of the runner.
  • A play can only be stopped if the lead runner has stopped running and an infielder has the ball. 
  • 4 outfielders are allowed. However if both coaches agree at the plate meeting then 3 or 5 outfielders may be used 
  • 6U is Tee ball. However if both coaches agree then they can do coach pitch. It has to be an uninformed decision that it is allowed. One team can do tee ball while the other does coach pitch if everyone agrees but it has to be uniformed throughout the team. 
  • 6 Swings off the tee 
     *If doing coach pitch then it is 3 pitches and 3 swings off the tee
  • Coaches cannot contact players while players are running and the play is still going on or the runner can be called out.
  • Runners have to be in contact with the base when the ball is hit or it will result in the runner being called out.  

*Plate meetings are very important in this division in order to make sure both coaches and Umps are aware of all the rules. 


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